This is a recording of an interview from April 30, 2015 when Rhonda and Sandrine appeared on BlogTalkRadio’s Spiritual Happy Hour with Jen Louziotis. In it, Jennifer talks about various parts of the book, including monkey mind, how connecting with the inner self is important to weight loss and highlighting specific elements of the weight loss plan.  For example, it is noted that targeting a weight range, as opposed to one specific number, can make a difference psychologically. As the discussion progresses, Rhonda shares her own weight loss journey, a 35 pound loss that resulted from Sandrine’s coaching alone, and Sandrine also shares examples from her experience as a holistic coach. Both authors talk about how they each personally came to a similar belief system while taking very different life paths.  This is an informative and inspiring conversation between three women about weight loss, drawing on the information from the book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight.

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