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Holistic coach and personal trainer Sandrine Baptiste, and health and spirituality writer Rhonda Tremaine, provide a complete weight loss solution in their book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight. As emphasized in the book trailer, most people know the basics of diet and exercise, but they do not know themselves well enough to effectively implement the lifestyle. This complete manual helps women tap into their inner resources to leverage the mind-body-spirit paradigm necessary to permanently release excess pounds. The book is based on Sandrine's years of coaching practice along with Rhonda's ability to transform the knowledge into an organized instructional volume. Objectively understanding how the body functions merged with the act of going within provides an effective recipe for change. The philosophical concepts motivate the reader, but practical advice and numerous tools are also included. Most importantly, this book prompts women to move spiritually and physically faster for the facilitation of personal growth. With the use of numerous examples, a dieter "type" quiz, coaching exercises, sample menus, and suggested physical exercises, the reader is well on her way to ending the weight loss battle for good. Rhonda and Sandrine collaborate to create this volume that not only teaches the fundamentals of weight loss, but also demonstrates how to integrate a spiritual solution for all of life's challenges.

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"I've lost 5 lbs now since reading your book and I don't feel like I'm dieting." -- Debra

"Wonderful book! Life changing ..." –Anonymous

"As soon as I started reading this book I felt like it was written for me. Like other women and men its not what your eating but what is eating you. This book will help to get fit lose weight and get your life back on track. It helps you to realize that weight gain is not only physical but more emotional. This book helps with all everyday issues. It is a unique way of changing your mind to lose weight instead of the traditional old fashioned rebound diets that are a temporary fix." –Antonietta

"You won't be reading this book long before you realize that this is much, much more than a weight loss book. .." – Beth

"This book is truly a great read."-- Anna

"I am halfway through the book and I can't put it down..." – Elaine

"This book has been a revelation that led me to easily lose weight. ..." – Mariama

"This book is a must-read .... It will help you create lifestyle changes, resulting in many benefits, including losing weight once and for all. ...The result is a healthier, happier you for life." – Mary

Reviews and Endorsements

"At last we have a book about losing weight that goes beyond the
tired and ineffective recipes of diet and exercise to address the
whole person. By integrating body, mind, and spirit in an integrated
and holistic approach, the authors make it clear that we are more
than what we eat, and that the way we experience ourselves at the
deepest levels can affect our physical well-being."

--Brenda Dunne
President, International Consciousness Research Laboratories


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